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About Charley

  • Change Isn't Easy3:03
  • Stare2:07
  • Tongues Out4:02
  • Sleeping Through The Daylight2:50
  • Be a Man3:16

Charley Raiff

Singer-songwriter Charley Raiff’s music is informed by rock, jazz, and classical influences, but their true uniqueness derives from the fact that he's a born and bred New Yorker. The stories Charley tells in his songs are brimming with the bustling and manic overtones of the city that never stops, shaped by a classic New York sarcastic sensibility. The lyrics are acerbic and urbane, and his tracks display penetrating layers of instrumentation and vocals.

The buzz in the music scene has already started. His personal journey of a narrow escape from the urban underbelly serves as the fodder for his uniquely dark sound. A talented pianist, Charley has an energy that is captured in all its density in his debut album “in Persona”, and in his exciting live performances.

Every Thursday and Saturday

at Beekman Bar and Books 50th street and 1st avenue (8pm-12)